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Annie MacLeod

Miro · Distributed Teams · Collaboration · Coaching

About Me

Annie MacLeod has a real passion for ensuring that her clients are successful, both personally and professionally. She began her career in the tech sector, moved into a start-up in the 90s, and started her own consulting firm, Business Improvement Consulting Services Inc. over 20 years ago. Annie has been working remotely since 1998 and despite being a devout introvert has worked hard to balance isolation, collaboration, and community. She is also the co-creator of the Project Management Gameboard – a system for non project managers to learn and manage their projects that has culture and high performing teams at its core. Finally, in the realm of collaboration she has become an evangelist for Miro – the on-line collaboration product at the forefront of making meetings, projects and learning truly effective in the remote world. With this passion she has volunteered as a Miro Virtual User Group Leader for North America and is responsible to plan, engage, coordinate, and facilitate Expert User presentations and more importantly to make them as interactive and engaging as possible.