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Product Growth Ideation Workshop: Kickstart Your 2021 Planning, by

Startup Community
Tue, Jan 5, 2021, 6:45 PM (CET)

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About this event

Excited about product growth but stuck on what to implement first?

Need a fresh set of growth experiment ideas?

Attend the Product Growth Ideation Workshop to learn how to generate high-potential growth ideas for your business and learn how to quickly prioritize them to find the moonshots candidate. 

The framework you're going to learn about has been tested with more than 200 companies from all around the globe. It is proven to leave you with dozens of high-potential product growth ideas that are aligned with the growth objectives of your organization.


-During the workshop, we will first select 2-3 growth objectives

-We will learn how to get insights (analytics, customer reviews, competitor analysis & user research) that will guide our experimentation program

-For each growth objective, we will brainstorm for actionable growth experiment ideas that would help us to reach this objective and nevertheless - usually teams develop 70-120 growth experiment ideas within 30 min

-We will prioritize growth experiment ideas based on the Impact-Ease matrix to select those that will help us move the needle in our business.  

We will be using Miro during this event!