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Branding Workshop: Minimal Viable Brand by d.labs

Startup Community
Wed, Mar 3, 2021, 6:30 PM (CET)

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About this event

Turn heads, build cred, and communicate value in a way that’s consistent and memorable. Create a mystique your customers will be inspired by, even before you build your product or service.

That’s the power of a brand identity — and why entrepreneurs need a bold one for their business. And luckily, it’s not a project that needs to last for months and burn through your startup budget.

What workshop guests will do and learn:

Take part in engaging exercises that include how to find the right name and to define your brand values, brand personality, and positioning.

Create a simple design brief that lets your brand designers quickly translate strategy into core brand assets that will resonate with the target audience and create early traction.

Go through the process of creating a Minimum Viable Brand — to discover the principles of lean branding and learn how it lets you move faster and remain flexible enough to evolve the brand over time.

Hear speakers share insights and tips on how to best conduct the branding or rebranding process in practice.

Who this workshop is designed for:

Early-stage startups creating their first brand

Startups facing a significant pivot and need to change their brand identity

Scaling startups that need to make their initial brand more relevant to existing customers

Intrapreneurs trying to build brands within their organization or rebrand existing ones

The workshop follows a proven branding framework developed by d.labs, a full-service tech venturing company.