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Virtual Event Experience Design 2.0

Thu, Jul 29, 2021, 4:30 PM (CEST)

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About this event

With the fast growth of online conferences and events, HUED observed the lack of spatial dimension and poor visual experience in online contexts. This is when the collaboration between Miro and HUED took off and left extraordinary marks in the virtual event experience design landscape.

This successful collaboration was recognised by winning an A'Design Award and a Webby Awards honoree in 2021.

Why should you design virtual events in Miro?

In a distributed world and a new reality of working and collaborating, our interest shifted into the virtual space, where we can collaborate endlessly. But with that comes the learning curve, behavior change, and having to facilitate an experience that is extraordinary and comfortable for different kinds of attendees, from newbies to old-timers.

If you want to bring your 10 colleagues together into a strategy workshop or you want to craft an annual event for hundreds of people where you want to share ideas, create and learn, while at the same time you want to ensure the agenda is going smoothly, people are retained and engaged, productive and having a great time, then investing your time and efforts into designing a holistic Miro virtual experience would be the right approach.

About this session:

In this session, Alina Achiricioaei and Sara Gabbioni, will give you an insight into the thought process and practical ingredients to combine for a fantastic and engaging virtual event experience. In this brief session you will:

  • Get to understand what is the process of designing for a virtual event in Miro and how to sprinkle around that WoW factor to hook your guests
  • Get a walkthrough of the 3 design types of virtual events
  • Get to explore and interact with the fabulous Miro boards
  • Get the chance to connect with other professionals and ask questions about designing virtual experiences

Who should attend:

  • Experience Designers
  • Event Managers and Facilitators
  • Product Designers
  • Or anyone interested in designing memorable online experiences 



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    Ana Oarga

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