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V-MUG10: Reduce Risk and Save Time Working on Business Ideas with the Experiment Tracker

Thu, Oct 29, 2020, 4:00 PM (CET)

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About this event

How can we gain more clarity working on new ideas?

Companies and teams spend too much time and money on ideas that don’t work. In a world that is getting filled up with new technologies every day, we can’t reliably predict what will work. We as business, design, and product leaders must inspire our teams and collaborate across the org to drive action in a structured and fact-based manner.

Say hello to the Experiment Tracker

In years of consulting product innovation together with Ralf Westbrock and Thomas Hartman at str84wd, I learned more about a strategic tool for discovery phases, called the Experiment Tracker, a simple 5-step process to gain more clarity about what actually works, turning successful outcomes into backlog ready items. Furthermore, I took the canvas and adapted it a bit for myself after years of experimentation with different kind of clients from startup to enterprise customers:

  • What are the most critical assumptions which can make our whole idea fall apart?
  • How can an experiment look like?
  • Which metrics and targets do we want to collect?
  • Which data could we call and how does it change our understanding?
  • How will the next steps look like?

About this session

In this V-MUG, Thomas Gläser (Product Innovation & Growth Strategy Lead @ XING Events) and Thomas Hartmann (Founder of str84wd) will give you an overview of the framework, some examples, and experiences from working with this framework for over six years,

Finally answering questions that arise from first encounters. You will learn:

  • How to overcome confirmation bias and spot the most critical assumptions
  • How to get alignment across your team in a structured, yet playful way
  • How to turn big bets into digestible experiments
  • Getting  enough time to try it yourself and get feedback directly from the co-creator

Who should attend, and why

No matter if your business is focused more on B2B or B2C and no matter your discipline: product management, product design, marketing, or sales. Be prepared to learn more about a handy and simple tool that will save you tons of cash and (software) development effort in the future.

Be there or be square ;)



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