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Distributed 2021 presents: an APAC Community event (1/2)

Wed, Dec 8, 2021, 6:00 PM (GMT+8)

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About this event

The path to reconnection continues as we welcome you to this APAC community event, featuring fan favorites from Miro’s Distributed 2021 and other brilliant speakers, who will teach you how to delight your teams with Miro in these playful, interactive sessions.

This event was produced by Miro’s community members, Joshua Davies @ Knowmium and Isman Tanuri @ Elisan Partners. 

Session details

Making Moments in Miro: from Mischievous to Momentous with Joshua Davies, Knowmium and Isman Tanuri, Elisan Partners (Dec 8, 6pm)

For his 6th birthday, my nephew opened our video call to be greeted by... a goat (Lulu to be precise, whom I'd hired to dial in), and delight spread across his face. Not all surprises in facilitation require ungulates, but they do ask for a conscious shaping of our audience engagement. Connecting and reconnecting in virtual spaces does not happen by accident. As Lennie Scott-Webber noted, "If the space doesn’t give permission to change, then it’s too easy to revert back to what we know."

We are all facilitators in this new normal, and this short workshop gives us a chance to reflect on how we can best craft what comes from that. As one of the most visible forms of leadership in action, facilitation+Miro can=magic. In 60 minutes we'll explore how to sculpt meaningful Miro moments through:

- experiments in sounds & silence

- experiments in sequence & safety

- experiments in shaping groups & spaces

Back to the Future - The Collaboration Edition with Martin Aldergard, Senior Partner, ENPEO Consulting (Dec 8, 7pm)

With fellow adventurers, you will design your own time-travel machine, and use it to explore the excitement and joy of collaboration. If you design your machine well, you’ll be able to bring learning and inspiration from the past, mix it up with the best of the present and create amazing collisions of new ideas in the future. But most importantly, build relationships with time-travelling friends (new and old) that will continue to bring you joy and gratitude long into the future.




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