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APAC VMUG Holiday Potluck Workshop

Tue, Dec 29, 2020, 5:30 PM (HKT)

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About this event

How many of us knew what Miro was 1 year ago? How many new people have you met virtually through workshops and groups such as our own APAC Miro group in the last year? It has been a totally surreal 2020, but it has also been one of unprecedented collaboration in our growth as virtual facilitators. So let’s celebrate how far we have come, with an eye to where we’d like to go in the new year.

Rather than overwhelming with a heavy meal in the holiday season, we’ve opted to keep our last workshop of the year bite-sized: a potluck of 4 short sessions lead by seasoned facilitators deigned to help us reflect, get inspired, and send us into the next year with ideas aplenty.

When & where?

December 29th, 530pm-730pm (Singapore Time). Online.

What’s on the menu?

1. Appetizer— Create Your Own Holiday. Teams will borrow elements from holidays around the world and piece them together to create a brand new day of celebration. Holiday elements and the new holiday summaries will be coordinated on a Miro canvas. Team members will have plenty of time to discuss their elements and collaborate together as they form their new holiday.

Your chef: Robert— Robert is the Senior Consultant at Knowmium. He has over 15 years experience facilitating communication programs and has worked face-to-face on all 7 continents. Robert's 2021 resolution is to travel more than he did in 2020. Find Robert on LinkedIn at:

2. First Course— Leading People - a serious fun simulation. Take the role of a team leader and deal with a few challenging situations at work. How well will you be able to help your team members perform, grow and stay engaged? Join to test 2 of the challenges in a new team leader simulation& enjoy the discussions with your fellow group members on what is the best course of action in each challenge.

Your chef: Martin— One of my favourite quotes is ”Organizations don’t change, people do.” Based on this I’ve worked 20+ years in Asia with simulations, interactive learning and communication to engage people in organisational change and leadership development. You can find me on LinkedIn

3. Second Course—Gain Embed Cred. With numerous apps and platforms 'coming to the rescue’, I note that many trainers make their participants switch between different apps and platform (eg Mentimeter, Survey Monkey, Quizlet). This interrupts the flow of the session and increase the probability of losing someone along the way. Join me to see how you can embed all manner of things on Miro so your participants have a seamless user experience as they journey with you on your workshop.

Your chef: Francis— Having defeated the dreaded in-training yawn decades ago, Francis is dedicated to sharing everything he knows - on how to run engaging and meaningful virtual training sessions.  Francis started running VILTs more than seven years ago when running virtual learning sessions like pulling teeth while having a tummy ache. Ever since, he has been innovating in programme design to create a learner experience that is as good, if not better than live classroom events. Connect with me on LinkedIn at

4. Dessert— Get Reflective. Do we even Plan for 2021? Given how 2020 turned out? We say YES...even if only for the next 3 months! And before that let's spend time REFLECTING...RETHINKING and get READY for 2021!

Your chefs: Roshini and Meenakshi— Roshini and Meenakshi are two halves that make up THE CHANGE BUSINESS. They help their clients create behavioural change successfully. The move to virtual has meant that they now need to run their experiential workshops online....with MIRO playing a starring role in most of them!



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