Distributed ‘23

October 18 | Online Event

Join us for Miro's annual community gathering — featuring 30+ inspiring, interactive sessions and new product announcements. 

Let's connect, get inspired, and create together.


Highlighted Sessions

Get inspired by stories of everyday innovation, including our keynote featuring Varun Parmar, Chief Product Officer at Miro. Discover new features and ideas through these interactive sessions and workshops.

Keynote session
9:00 AM — 9:50 AM CDT
Navigating tomorrow with Miro

Distributed teams face unique challenges in competitive environments, but one thing is certain: teams that innovate under these circumstances win. See how Miro's newest releases bridge the gap across areas of innovation and tackles challenges across distributed teams. Whether it's AI-powered inspiration or communicating, planning and executing on a shared vision, you'll learn how Miro will help you create the next big thing, regardless of where or how you work.

Join the session here: miro.com/distributed

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Varun Parmar

Chief Operating Officer | Miro

Designing a shared vision for the future
AI in innovation: Shaping stories for the future

In a world of endless possibilities, embracing AI's transformative power is key to shaping a future beyond our imagination. Speculative Business Design merges design and intelligence, uncovering uncharted territories and inspiring alternative realities. As designers, we must collaborate with customers, challenge conventions, and unlock boundless potential. Let's utilize AI to propel us to surpass our wildest dreams.

Join the session here: miro.com/distributed

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10:00 AM — 10:25 AM CDT

Sandra Heinzen

Design Lead | Salesforce

Centering the customer experience
Product Inception Canvas: Crafting the perfect product

Discover the Product Inception Canvas: Your strategic guide to crafting captivating products. This tool aligns business visionaries, product teams, and stakeholders, ensuring everyone's on the same page. Dive deep into company and product vision, humanize stakeholders with detailed personas, and prioritize their needs in a curated backlog. Whether refining an existing product or starting anew, this session equips you to deliver products that truly resonate.

Join the session here: miro.com/distributed

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1:00 PM — 1:50 PM CDT

Richard Kasperowski

Co-founder, CTO | Alli Connect

Community showcase
3:00 PM — 3:25 PM CDT
Miro Hall of Fame

Join us for our closing session at Distributed '23 as we celebrate the remarkable creations and contributions of 2023 with the Miro Hall of Fame Awards. Here we recognize our community's contributions and innovative achievements.

Join the session here: miro.com/distributed

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Lauren Booker

Head of Creator Marketing | Miro

Eleanor Hooker

Head of Community | Miro

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